Welcome to Doctor Hustle, a new podcast launching on Thursday, July 5th, 2018! The mission of Doctor Hustle is to study the leadership, entrepreneurial, and creative side of doctors, dentists, and other health professionals in the medical field. And I hope you will join me.

Personally, I am interested in the budding movement of turning STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) into STEAM — the “A” stands for Art! It is often at the crossroads of unrelated disciplines that novel ideas evolve into innovations that can disrupt industries. That is where we are setting up shop.

My goal is to demonstrate that physicians and health professionals are a varied group that are making a far larger impact than might be perceived. They are executives and humanitarians, writers and venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and designers.

We want to feature health professionals who are pursuing creative or entrepreneurial passions above and beyond clinical medicine. Even more, we want to dig into questions of leadership, motivation, risk, time-management, and, of course, the art of the hustle.

Medicine is long overdue for a change. And the guests we plan to feature are doing work (sometimes related to medicine, but not always) that can give us insight in how we can all discover the creative and leadership potential within ourselves.

The podcast will be released twice a month and available on iTunes and Buzzsprout. Show notes and links from the show will be available on this website as each episode is released.

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest news on upcoming shows and information about our guests. And if you have any ideas or recommendations for guests, send me an email at hustle@doctorhustle.com

I hope you are excited! It’s going to be a fantastic season!

Update July 9, 2018 – In order to get the most coverage on all podcast stores (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Alexa, etc.), we have now moved from SoundCloud to BuzzSprout. Subscribe here!