This is episode 20! And I am super excited to have made it this far because many podcasts tend to flame out at around episode 10. I almost did too, mainly because trying to make a podcast during residency is crazy hard, and I am glad I was able to find the inspiration to keep going because I enjoy interviewing and learning from fascinating, accomplished people, and I get enormous satisfaction from the act of creating this body of work.

Before we get started, I do want to share some pretty interesting news. The company Feedspot, which is a content aggregator and RSS feed reader, recently emailed me to let me know that my podcast was listed at #8 on their list of Top 50 Doctor Podcasts. To be honest, I have no idea what that even means or how they came up with their rankings, probably some algorithm, but it feels good to have your work listed somewhere, so I’ll take it!

This episode I am going to try something new. I thought it would be interesting to try a new shorter, format that I could sprinkle in every few episodes where instead of interviewing a guest, I speak directly to you all about new projects that I am working on, interesting ideas that I have recently learned or read, healthcare related or not — but definitely related to being a better person — as well as discuss topics and guests for future episodes. I am doing this so that I can keep things fresh by discussing ideas that motivate me and allow me stay creative that will hopefully be helpful to you, because it will give you all the chance to get to know me and how I think, and it’ll give me the opportunity to increase engagement and connection with all of you, the listeners.

Show Notes
  • (00:00:46): Listed #8 of the Top 50 Doctor Podcasts at Feedspot
  • (00:01:11): Why record a solo episode?
  • (00:01:48): Shying away from self-promotion
  • (00:02:30): William Zinsser – On Writing Well
  • (00:03:20): Writing is an act of ego
  • (00:03:39): Take and stand and appreciate your audience
  • (00:04:40): Reintroducing myself
  • (00:05:22): This Meharrian Life and the origin of the Doctor Hustle podcast
  • (00:07:10): Who have we interviewed and future topics and goals for the podcast
  • (00:08:15): Three excellent resources for self-promotion and marketing

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“Leaders who bob and weave like aging boxers don’t inspire confidence — or deserve it. Believe in your own identity and your own opinions. Writing is an act of ego, and you might as well admit it. Use its energy to keep yourself going.”

– William Zinsser, On Writing Well