Dr. Wayne Moore would like to dedicate this episode to the memory of his father, Earl W. Moore D.D. MPH, who served as his inspiration, motivation, and mentor. Love you, dad! RIP. (February 19, 1925 to June 11, 2018).

The desire to become one’s own boss and open a practice is not uncommon among physicians. We want to control our own hours, create another stream of income, and establish a predictable work-life balance. But where do we start? What is we have limited business knowledge? Who can we go to for help?

Today’s guest asked the same questions and found his way to an excellent solution. Dr. Wayne Moore is an emergency medicine physician who is the President and CEO of Moore Life Urgent Care located in Gallatin, TN. In just a few years, he managed to take the idea of opening an urgent care center into reality, while also working as the Medical Director for the Physician Assistant program at Meharry Medical College, and staff physician in the Nashville General Hospital emergency department. He also previously served as the Director of Emergency Medical Services in Washington, DC.

Despite all his other responsibilities, he found a way to open the practice of his dreams. So are you up to the challenge?

Show Notes
  • (00:01:58): When did you decide you wanted to be a doctor?
  • (00:07:16): Did any influences at Oakwood University foreshadow your later career?
  • (00:11:12): Why did you decide to attend Meharry Medical College?
  • (00:13:53): How early did you decide you wanted to be an emergency medicine physician?
  • (00:15:33): What was residency at Howard University like?
  • (00:16:45): Tell us about proposing your project to the Public Health Commissioner of Washington, DC.
  • (00:24:01): Was it ever in your plan to become Director of EMS in DC?
  • (00:28:32): Do you believe in the idea that you can create your own luck?
  • (00:29:12): What made you feel like you wanted to do more, even after residency?
  • (00:30:14): What is your philosophy on leadership?
  • (00:31:00): When did you decide you wanted to start an urgent care clinic?
  • (00:32:15): At what point did you start making the moves to make it happen?
  • (00:38:13): Do you think we are coming to a saturation point for urgent cares?
  • (00:40:03): At what point did you find a building to outfit as a clinic?
  • (00:44:16): How should physicians get the necessary business knowledge without an MBA, or do you think that is the path these days?
  • (00:46:31): When you first started your business, what do you wish you had known?
  • (00:48:32): What advice would you have for anyone wanting to start their own practice?
  • (00:52:32): What is your favorite thing about running an urgent care?
  • (00:54:26): How do you keep yourself organized and motivated?
  • (00:56:54): What advice do you have for anyone trying to build a team?
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“You shouldn’t focus on why you can’t do something, which is what most people do. You should focus on why perhaps you can, and be one of the exceptions.”

– Steve Case